The Complete guide to Walt Disney World's EPCOT in Spring

EPCOT Topiary Snow White

EPCOT’s (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) International Flower and Garden Festival at Walt Disney World Florida takes place from March - late May each year. We were fortunate to be there in April 2018 to see the floral displays. The festival has been running since 1994.   
Topiary and Floral Displays
There are dozens of Disney themed topiary/floral displays, mostly found around the various World Showcase pavilions. The detail was fantastic. My favourites were Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – which were impossible to photograph in the one photo. The topiaries are maintained by a huge horticultural team outside of EPCOT normal operating hours.

EPCOT Topiary Seven Dwarfs

EPCOT Topiary 7 Dwarfs

EPCOT Topiary chipmunk

EPCOT Topiary Panda in China Pavilion
Outside the China Pavilion

EPCOT Topiary The Lion King Simba and Rafiki

EPCOT Topiary The Three Amigos

EPCOT Topiary Figment

EPCOT Topiary Mickey and Pluto
EPCOT Topiary Beauty and the Beast
Outside the France Pavilion

EPCOT Topiary The Lady and the Tramp

EPCOT Topiary Winnie the Pooh

EPCOT Topiary Mickey and Pluto

EPCOT Topiary Pluto and Goofy

EPCOT - Flower Garden Book
This booklet comes out in Spring, and is another free book where once you complete a page, you add the stickers. The stickers are already supplied in the book. Aimed more at adults, this is something kids can also assist with. The activities to complete mostly revolve around sampling the various foods around EPCOT.
EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival book

EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival book

EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival book

The Goodness Garden Butterfly House
The Butterfly garden is a temporary structure that you walk through, set up in Spring each year that has about 10 native species of butterfly. There are apparently about 1000 butterflies in the enclosure. My daughter A.J loved the butterfly garden. You could actually pick up and hold the butterflies – and now A.J wants us to create a butterfly garden at home. I must say, its quite peaceful inside the butterfly house (despite all the people). Something about fluttering butterflies is quite calming. This was actually for us, one of the many highlights of EPCOT.

EPCOT Butterfly house

EPCOT Butterfly house
EPCOT Butterfly house Close up of Butterfly

EPCOT Butterfly house Close up of Butterfly

Butterflies at EPCOT

Caterpillar at EPCOT

EPCOT Butterfly house Cocoons

EPCOT Close up of Butterfy

EPCOT Butterfly house Close up of Butterfly

I hope you enjoyed reading about EPCOT in Spring. If you would like to comment please do so in Comments.

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Unknown said…
Omg I love that you included so many pictures! I have never been, but now I can see what all the hype is about! Thank you for sharing
KJ said…
Thanks for your comment. Everyone should try to visit a Disney park sometime in their lives (you are never too old either). Its a totally different world.

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