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Theme park food – how to eat cheaper at Disneyland, Universal Studios, Singapore theme parks and more

Theme Park food in general is expensive and not very healthy either. I guess as its a captured market and it’s a way for the theme park to add to their profits, you pay more for good food. The best idea is always have a buffet breakfast at your hotel as brunch before you leave the hotel,  so that you are less inclined to require lunch and then only need to worry about tea time. We found a mix of good and bad food experiences at various theme parks. We did resort to bringing our own sandwiches from Subway or a 7-11 shop a lot to save money and have something ‘healthier’ to eat. Below is our summary of what we ate and where.
California Adventure Park – Free chocolate is offered sometimes at Ghirardelli Soda Fountain and Chocolate shop and there is free bread at the Boudin Bakery on their tour. The history of the sour dough on the tour is quite interesting too. The Pacific Wharf Café is a great place to eat a good value breakfast. California Adventure park also provides the service of fre…

How to beat the lines at Disneyland and Universal Studios


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