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Disney character meetings and Autograph books

When we first told friends we were going on our first trip to Disneyland, with a 7 year old, people strongly suggested buying an autograph book for Disney characters to sign. I thought really? Do the characters actually sign? Do people actually do this? Are there really lines to do this? And I bet the books are mega expensive to buy!
Fast forward to when we arrived in Disneyland Anaheim, and found that wow, people do stand in line to meet and greet their favourite characters, but also get their autographs! We of course hadn't pre-bought an autograph book, and all I had was my Disney notebook (with all my hints and tips for getting around the park I had collected over the previous 12 months of planning). My note book had blank pages, so we used this until we purchased an official Autograph book. As you can see, we quickly filled up the book! We ended up purchasing a book outside in Downtown Disney and sticking the autographs in when we got back home.
There are quite of number of char…

Disneyland Ride Posters in Tokyo Disneyland

On our trip to Tokyo Disneyland in 2016, we stumbled across these Disneyland ride posters and they seemed like a lot of fun to capture in photos. I do apologise about the flash appearing in the photos, but this was because the original photos were behind a glass picture frame. I didn't want to doctor the photos in any way, this is what we saw.
I love the colours and the fun descriptions of the rides. We actually asked Tokyo Disneyland whether they had printouts of these posters, but they replied no they didn't. I think they would make a great souvenir. I took the photos, often next to startled guests whom were most surprised I was taking these photos at all and seemed quite oblivious to them!

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9 Fun Disney Theme Park foods

This week I thought I would share some of the amazing novelty foods that are found in the Disney theme parks.

We were waiting in this long line of about 20 people to gain entry to the next show of the Enchanted Tiki room. I thought this was a bit strange as I had read, no matter how busy Disneyland is, there is generally no queue to go to theEnchanted

Jurong bird park- one of the largest bird parks in the World

This week for something different I thought I would talk about Jurong Bird Park, Singapore, one of the largest bird parks in the World. We visited Jurong Bird Park in April 2017. It was a very hot and humid day, I think about 35 degrees and extremely high humidity. I have a theory that on very hot days in Singapore, there is rain coming. Jurang Bird Park is closing in 18 months time, to be relocated permanently closer to Singapore Zoo at Mandai. It is scheduled to be reopened in 2020.

It rained mid afternoon for us, thunderstorms galore. However, I got to meet some lovely Singapore locals whilst sheltering, and heard about their lives in Singapore and what Jurong Bird Park meant to them as children growing up. They were visiting the park for the last time before their beloved park moves to Mandai.  Surprisingly, as locals, they didn’t even have an umbrella! I thought umbrella’s were compulsory in Singapore. 
There was quite a lot of educational content at Jurong. The museums were very i…

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