San Diego Sea World

San Diego Sea World was one of my must do’s in California and took about 1.5 hours by bus to get there on a day trip from Anaheim. We had a great day out, however, we did not find it very educational. We learnt more about animals in 5 minutes at San Diego Zoo then the entire day at Sea World. We didn’t find the shows very good and the Orca show, was really the most uninformative of all. It was more a case of ‘look how healthy they are and that we have bred X number of Orca’s here, and lets watch them jump’. I don’t know what I was expecting, but it might have been more interesting to hear some other amazing facts about this incredible species. I was also surprised how many people willingly sat in the splash zone when these huge beautiful creatures were jumping out of the water.

The Orca’s were amazing so big and glossy black. It was amazing seeing such huge animals swimming underwater and I had not seen these beautiful, rather large, animals before.

However, one of the best things of our holiday to the U.S was to sit and pat Dolphins here for as long as we liked. We probably spent about an hour an a half with the dolphins. The dolphins would only come up to you to be patted if they wanted to.  My daughter was somehow playing with them through the glass, and they certainly liked her back as they were very friendly through the glass. It was an amazing amazing experience and the dolphins were surprisingly very friendly.  

I have never seen so many flamingos in all my life. And you can feed them too. They sounded like chickens!  


Piranha Feeding time was a bit of a non-event. They did not appear hungry. But this is also the only place I have seen so many Piranhas' before.

There has been a lot of debate about this park in recent years. The animals and enclosures did look well looked after, but there just wasn't alot of educational information going on in the park, which I think is a missed opportunity.

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