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Walking into the Arabian Coast
DisneySea is amazingly detailed. You really do feel like you are in Venice or in Morocco, or just somewhere else entirely! The scenery is utterly amazing and so photogenic. We ate at the Casbah Food Court located in the Arabian Coast and the food was extremely delicious.
The Casbah food court - can definitely recommend the curries here

The Gondola boat ride was quite scenic, and the gondoliers actually sing. It’s a relaxing ride.It is a bit odd when half way through you see a giant volcano though!

The Gondola Ride

My favourite ride in all the Disney parks is the Indiana Jones ride, and the DisneySea ride did not disappoint. We actually rode this as a single rider – which took all of 5 minutes to get on the ride – and that was because you had to go past all the railing to get to the front! Disney Sea has the Indiana Jones ride (Anaheim version) AND the Indiana Jones version that is in Euro Disney! The Euro Disney version in Disney Sea however is called ‘Raging Spirits’ and right next door to the Indiana Jones ride. It has had all the Indiana Jones stuff taken off and is just a roller coaster although similarly themed for the area its in. Apparently it's a rough ride! For those of you who don’t know what the Indiana Jones ride entails, you are basically in this jeep, that travels around volcanoes and things, narrow escapes and is a great ride. Tip: Don’t leave your sunglasses on!

20,000 Leagues under the Sea Ride – Unique again to DisneySea. You get into an old fashioned Submarine  and go on this journey, get attacked by a giant squid and see all these ‘aliens’ under water. It’s a cool ride. Very different. You are in a very enclosed space however so if you are claustrophobic, I would not recommend. I did notice there is a phone in there for emergencies. You do not actually go underwater.
20,000 Leagues under the Sea ride - extremely unique ride in DisneySea
Autopia – Unique again to DisneySea, you ride these watercraft. They are on a track, but it’s a bit hard to know where they will go next. Apparently it’s a better ride in the dark. You will get wet!
Fortress Explorations – And, yet again, another unique experience just at DisneySea, lots of castle rooms and lookouts to explore, and some very cool renaissance science to play around with (like moving planets around the room). Even a 16th Century Spanish Galleon is there to run amok.
Fortress Explorations - lots of rooms within the castle to explore

And yes, the cannons aren't real, but they make a very loud bang

Inside Fortress Explorations - where you can make the planets move around the room!
In DisneySea there is a 16th Century Spanish Galleon to explore

SS Columbia ship in DisneySea, from the top floor, you can see Mount Fuji, on a clear day.  You can see it from the Bow of the SS Columbia.There is also a little pathway at the front of the ship you can get an even better view
View of Mount Fuji from DisneySea

Tritons Kingdom/Mermaid lagoon - Well, all I can say is this is paradise for young kids. Amazing. We could have spent all afternoon just here. All the rides are 'under the sea' and it certainly feels like it. There is also a huge playground, but not like other playgrounds, its got ropes, caves, caves where you find magic mirrors and treasures. All sorts of things. Very unusual.
Mermaid Lagoon

Everywhere you go in Tokyo DisneySea, is the ever present Volcano, that blows its top every so often. The whole park shakes and there is an enormous booming noise when it erupts. This is the home of Mysterious Island.

The Magic Lamp Theatre, make sure you get an English Translator device, before the show. The show is in 3D/4D.

Magic Lamp theatre
Toy Story Mania, this was the most popular ride in DisneySea. We got Fast Passes at 9am in the morning, to return at 8:30pm at night! If the standby line is under 60 minutes its worth waiting for. The line is usually about 90 minutes or longer.

The Statue (above) lights up at night (YouTube video below)

Meeting Characters in the Park
It was very hard to get up close with the Characters in the park. Generally there are characters near the park entrance. The lines don't seem to be orderly however and a Cast Member told us you really need to say 'hello'. There are no real lines. Best place to see Mickey and Minnie Mouse is in their House (which is in Disneyland)! When rides are closed often the characters of that themed land tend to come out. On one occasion the Gondolas were not sailing - so the characters from Italy's Pinochio came out for photos.

Tokyo DisneySea Pins
Similar to Disneyland, the number of Pins inside DisneySea are practically non-existant. What is there are very generic ones like Captain Hook. There may be a few seasonal ones that say DisneySea.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Tokyo DisneySea. The rides are totally unique in the world and the place is so immersive - I had to keep reminding myself I was actually in Japan - not Morocco or Italy. It is more immersive then Walt Disney Word's EPCOT.

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