10 Tips for Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

I find Aquariums quite relaxing and the fish displays are quite colourful and mesmerising. When I found out that Osaka had one of the biggest Aquariums in the world we had to visit it on our trip to Japan! We have seen other Aquariums in the world* so I can easily make a comparison in how great this aquarium actually is. We visited Osaka Aquarium in mid April 2019. 
Osaka Aquarium was a great family day out with a large shopping mall conveniently found next door. The above ground eight storey building was indeed impressive (unlike any others I’ve seen) and the aquarium housed many marine animals I had never seen in any of the other world aquariums. 
You start your journey with an escalator ride to the top of the 8th floor and work your way in a downwards spiral through the building. Osaka Aquarium was not as ‘pretty’ as the SEA Aquarium Singapore but it certainly was impressive.
Educationally, there was information about each of the animals in English, and some larger displays also where…

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