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Whats inside the Disneyland castles Part 1

Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo Disneyland was the first Disney park to be built outside of the United States, and it opened on 15 April 1983 as Cinderella Castle. The castle itself is 51 metres high and it is quite an elaborate walk through experience inside the castle. You enter a ground floor elevator that takes you to the top of the castle where there are displays to look at, including the 'official' glass slipper. there are also areas to try on the magical glass slipper and a throne room to be King/Queen of Tokyo Disneyland, for about 5 seconds, before its someone elses turn to be King or Queen. This throne room was enormous fun, especially for people watching as people were trying to squash their foot into the glass slipper - from toddlers, to adults. The views from the top of the castle too were outstanding.

The Grand Canyon

This week I thought I would talk about our 2015 visit to the Grand Canyon. We based ourselves in Las Vegas and took a tour bus to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. The reason we went to the Southern Rim was it reputedly has the more panoramic views, however it is further from Las Vegas. The South Rim is looked after by the U.S Government. The popular West Rim, is a closer distance to Las Vegas and is looked after by the Native Indian population. The West rim also has the skywalk experience, where you walk on reinforced glass over the Grand Canyon- for a fee. 
We were not at all happy with the bus tour company (with their upselling, delays in herding people together in their collection/depot area) and would not recommend. Choose wisely with regards to whatever bus company you choose. The tour took us to the Hoover dam, and then on to the Grand Canyon. It took about 4 hours to get to the South Rim from Vegas, with a stop midway. I thought the 4 hour bus trip would bore our daughter A.J …

Favourite Disney rides - Fortress Explorations at DisneySea

Continuing on with the theme of favourite rides, and I stress, these are in no particular order (as they are all favourites), I thought this week I would talk about Fortress Explorations, a huge land located withinDisneySea, Tokyo. DisneySea is such an immersive theme park, and has the reputation as being one of the best, if not the best theme park in the world. Many of the rides in DisneySea are unique in the world of Disney Parks including this one. If you have been to DisneySea - a trip down memory lane awaits you below. Feel free to agree/disagree in comments. 
Ride: Fortress Explorations (not really a ride, more a 'land') Location: DisneySea, Tokyo
This was the last area in DisneySea we visited, and it was kind of an ‘afterthought’ as we weren’t entirely sure what to expect,  but we are so glad that we did visit it, even though after several days of Disneyland, our feet were killing us slowly. There was so much to do and so many things to look at. All meticulously detailed a…

Favourite Disney Rides - Indiana Jones

I thought this week I would start to talk about our family favourite rides, as an ongoing topic. The rides discussed will be in no particular order from week to week, however I am starting with my most favourite ride of them all, the Indiana Jones ride.  Our experiences will be shared, and whom in our party thought the ride was great, or not so great! For those yet to travel to Disneyland, the rides documented will be some of the best rides to aim for. If you have been to Disneyland - a trip down memory lane is in store for you. Of course each Disney theme park is slightly different, having different rides, so feel free to agree/disagree in comments.
Ride: Indiana Jones Adventure Location: Disneyland (Anaheim), DisneySea (Tokyo), EuroDisney.
This is my favourite ride in Disneyland I just love the Indiana Jones movies, the fun and sense of adventure of this ride. It is also husband DH's favourite ride. Our daughter A.J who was aged 7 at the time enjoyed this ride the first time, she t…

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