10 Amazing things to do at Disney Springs

World of Disney Store Disney Springs
The largest Disney Store in the world!

Disney Spring is an outdoor shopping mall located outside of the Walt Disney Parks. It is free to enter and has enough Disney magic to still feel like you are still inside the Disney parks. There are plenty of big brand stores, the biggest Disney Store in the world and free boat rides around Disney Springs. Its definately worth a visit!

There are a few different areas in Disney Springs: 

The Marketplace (the main shopping area)
The Landing (an area along the waterfront and with many more restaurants)
Town Centre (more shopping)
West Side (more restaurants) 

Disney Springs
Disney Springs - many big brand shops are here. These are not discount outlet shops though!

Disney Springs

Disney Springs

Disney Springs is easy to get to as all the Disney resort buses stop there and they have sign posts for the bus stops to get back to your hotel. Disney Springs is pretty big and it’s beautiful to walk around. There is a Starbucks but no McDonalds, supermarket or even a pharmacy/chemist there. You will have to go outside of Disney for those amenities. The biggest Disney store in the world, ‘World of Disney,’ is located at the Marketplace and there is also a gigantic Lego store. There are also many big name brand stores like Pandora (with an exclusive Disney Parks collection of jewellery).

10 Amazing things to do at Disney Springs include:

1. The Lego Store
This is a gigantic store with lots of wonderful Lego – the Disney Castle, Saturn V rockets and the Millennium Falcon are all on display – and can be purchased. They also have competitions for building your own Lego car – which you race with other kids along a Lego racetrack. The races are organised by Lego store staff.

There are also some great photo opportunities with gigantic Lego sculptures such as the Loch Ness monster, a fire breathing dragon and the characters from Toy Story.
Regular Lego events occur at the store (check their website for current details)

Lego Loch Ness Monster Disney Springs
The Loch Ness Monster
Lego Dragon at Disney Springs

Millenium Falcon Lego at Disney Springs

Saturn V Lego at Disney Springs

2. Free Boat cruises
There are free boat rides from one end of Disney Springs to the other. We went on a boat ride twice – once during the day and again on a scenic sunset cruise – all for free. I highly recommend it. There are two main ‘routes’ that the boats take. One heads around 3 stops in Disney Springs. The other route goes to Disney resorts and then back to Disney Springs. Each cruise takes about 20 minutes return. 

View of water at Disney Springs
Waiting for a Disney Cruise

View of water at Disney Springs

Boat cruise and View of water at Disney Springs
The Disney Springs Cruise boat

View of water at Disney Springs from boat cruise

3. Themed Shops and Restaurants
There are plenty of shops to explore – with quite a few of them being Disney related. Walking around the World’s biggest Disney Store ‘World of Disney’ is lots of fun. The big eye at the entrance to the Disney store actually follows you around which is a bit disconcerting.

There is a wonderful Dinosaur restaurant and shop called T-Rex in Disney Springs. It is very well themed and it is almost like a mini museum inside with gigantic Amethyst rocks and reproductions of giant dinosaurs. To the right of the store is a dig pit for kids to explore. This is all free.
T-Rex Restaurant Disney Springs
T-Rex Restaurant

T-Rex Restaurant Disney Springs
Inside the T-Rex Restaurant

T-Rex Restaurant Disney Springs

Similarly, the Rainforest Café has a gigantic volcano that roars overhead and lots of animatronic animals to view for free both inside and outside– but a warning you might get persuaded by your kids to buy something in the shop! It is a very lively area of Disney Springs.

The Rainforest Cafe volcano erupting Disney Springs
The Rainforest Cafe - the volcano erupts every so  often! And is very noisy

Coka a Cola store – This is a big store (3 floors) where you can get your photo taken with the giant polar bear! There is a rooftop beverage bar and also plenty of Coke merchandise. There are also some wacky photos that the Coke people take of you as a group that cost $15 USD.

'Goofy's Candy Company', 'Disney's Days of Christmas' and the 'Art of Disney' stores are all worth visiting too.

Goofy's Candy Company Disney Springs
At Goofy's Candy Company you can watch Candy being made. There are large display kitchens.
Chip and Dale with blackboard
Disney Day's of Christmas Store - its literally Christmas all year round. The store is enormous and filled with Christmas gifts and decorations. All Disney themed.

Beauty and the Beast tapestry, Lumiere
Art of Disney Store - this is a real tapestry. There are also lots of merchandise such as paintings that you can purchase

Earl of Sandwich is located in Disney Springs. You can sign up to their email lists and get offered good discounts ($5 off sandwiches etc.). Great place to eat for fussy eaters. Just make sure you say you want your sauce ‘light’ or none otherwise they will drown it in sauce.

4. There are also free outdoor activities for kids 
Free activities include hoola hoop contests and water spouts. Located near Earl of Sandwich at Disney Springs. These are all organised activities by Disney Springs.

5. Pin Trading
Need some more Pins? You can buy them here at Disney Springs including rare collectable ones. I also found the same selection here as what I found in the parks.

Pin Trading at Disney Springs

6. Free Selfie Photos at UNIQLO
The UNIQLO store has a free selfie photo booth where you can get your photo taken. It is in the middle of the store, ground floor. We did a family photo twice – at the start of our holiday, and 19 days later. You get a hard copy to take home and an electronic copy which gets emailed to you. It does take a few minutes to process, so make sure you are not rushed for time.

7. Play with some Star Wars androids
There is a Star Wars themed shop in Disney Springs called Star Wars Galactic Outpost. They have moving robots of BB8 and R2D2 to play with for free which were a lot of fun. You can also build your own android (Lego size) and build your own light sabers. A note on Light Sabers – we bought one for $10USD at the Disney Store Outlets. It lights up and makes light saber noises especially upon contact. The price of Light Sabers varied wildly from shop to shop.

8. Catch a show at Cirque du Soleil
Awesome acrobatics show set to music. This is a permanent show at Disney Springs (near to House of Blues on the West side)
Cirque du Soleil Disney Springs
Cirque du Soleil

9. Catch the 'Characters in Flight' balloon ride
This balloon is tethered to the ground. It soars 400 feet in the air and was custom built for Disney! Twenty-nine people can go up at a time too. Its about $20 USD for an adult to go up in the balloon. Less for a child.

Disney Springs Ballon ride
The balloon is tethered to the ground at all times

10. Enjoy some live music
There are some great ‘live music’ spots in Disney Springs including ‘House of Blues’ and the ever popular Bongos to pass the time. Bongos is owned by Gloria Estefan and plays Latin music.

Bongos at Disney Springs
A very popular place to eat and enjoy some music

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of Disney Springs, Florida. I hope you can follow us via Facebook - www.facebook.com/themeparktravelguide

Until next week, have a magical week!

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KJ said…
An update September 2018: Cirque du Soleil is undergoing a major refurbishmaent at the moment. It should reopen again but there is no set opening date I could find.
Also, The Disney Store is currently undergoing refurbishment too. The store is still open but smaller. This should only be for a few months.
KJ said…
According to several sources, the Disney Store will be fully functional in the Fall of 2018. It is still open during this refurbishment.

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