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San Diego Zoo

We did a day trip to San Diego zoo, which was about an hour and a half bus trip from Anaheim. The Zoo was extremely educational and we could have spent a few days here as it was so big. The zoo keepers were very friendly and very informative. We learnt lots about different animals including animal husbandry. We did the tram tour first around the park, which was not only extremely educational, but also introduced us to the different park areas. The park is very hilly, however, with the tram and cable cars, there are other options to get around the park. There is also plenty of seating and viewing areas to see the animals.

Singapore Gardens by the Bay - including the Supertrees

We really enjoyed Singapore. Have never been to somewhere so green and lush with plant life, especially in the city. 
Nothing prepares you for the humidity. Every day was pool day though. We stayed at great hotel, Furama Riverfront Hotel with a lagoon pool (a lot of pools in Singapore seem to be lap ones in comparison) and was open until 11pm which gave us some flexibility. It was very warm even at night!
One piece of advice must stress is wherever you go in Singapore, see ‘must see’ outdoor activities first. The rain and lightning can last for hours and places shut down until it passes. Plan to see the Supertree night show early on in your trip so you don’t miss this ‘must see’ due to the weather misbehaving. 
We toured the grounds of the Supertrees  mid afternoon, then escaped into the Superdomes (Cloud Forest and Flower dome) for some air conditioning relief towards late afternoon. The Supertrees are amazing and huge.

We did not do the OCBC Skyway Supertree walk. The Walkway is 22 metr…

San Diego Sea World


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