EPCOT - World Pavilions - Part 2/2

Japan Panvilion EPCOT World Showcase
The Japanese Pavilion

There are a number of rides and eleven world pavilions to explore in EPCOT that cover a distance of nearly 2 kilometres. Last week I covered Kidcot Funstops and EPCOT Passports,Germany, U.S.A, U.K, China, Norway and Mexico World Pavilions. This week I cover the rest - Morocco,  Canada, France, Japan and Italy.

- The buildings are copies of Moroccan Cities including, Casablanca, Fez and Marrakesh. There is a great resting place behind red doors on left when you enter. The King of Morocco sent his royal craftsmen to do all the tiling, carving and painting. Morocco and the France pavilion were my favourites as the atmosphere was great, and there was a lot of very tempting shopping!

Morocco Pavilion EPCOT World Showcase

Morocco Pavilion EPCOT World Showcase

Morocco World Pavilion

Morocco World Pavilion EPCOT

Morocco World Pavilion Jewellery

Morocco World Pavilion EPCOT Shopping
Lots of great shopping inside the Morocco pavilion

Canada - Entertainment is the Canadian Lumberjacks. 'O' Canada' is a 20 minute 360° degree film starring actor Martin Short where you must stand during duration (there are no seats). The Pavilion has reproductions of the Rocky Mountains, streams, gardens and a totem pole.
EPCOT World Showcase Canada Totem Pole

Canada World Pavilion Rockies Waterfall

France - Impressions de France (18 minute film) is set in a traditional theatre, where its air-conditioned and has seats. There is rarely a wait to get in. The Bakery is delicious and I totally recommend as one of the best value for price places to eat in EPCOT (and indeed Walt Disney World). The Eiffel Tower is 1/10th the size of the original and is behind the building where the Movie is shown (Palais Cinema).

France World Pavilion Shop

French Food from EPCOT
Food for less then $10 USD - a bargain in the U.S

French desserts and food from World Pavilion

French Food EPCOT Macaroons

Japan - A lot of souvenirs to be found here including Pokémon. There are pretty ponds and garden displays, Japanese Torii gates and a Japanese castle. Taiko Drums play 5 times per day by a group called the Matsuriza. It is a very lively area.

Japan World Pavilion EPCOT Pond

Japan World Pavilion Castle EPCOT
A replica Japanese castle in the background

Japanese Pagoda EPCOT
Japanese pagoda and where they play the drums daily

Pokemon toys at Japan Pavilion EPCOT
Lots of shopping in the Japan Pavilion

Italy -The 83 foot tall belltower in Italy is modelled on the original found in St Marks Square in Venice. The angel at the top of the bell tower is covered in real gold leaf! There was also a lot of Italian statues and expensive Venetian Masks! Loved the Venetian Masks.

Italy Pavilion Bell Tower
Replica of the Bell Tower from Venice

Italy Venetian Masks on wall EPCOT

Italy World Pavilion Venetian Masks

Venetian Masks Italy Pavilion EPCOT

There is a scenic boat ride to take you across the World Showcase lagoon. It won’t save you much time getting from one side of the lagoon to the other though.

Boatride at EPCOT
The boat ride taking you across the World Showcase lagoon

Overall, it was fun exploring the different ‘worlds’

I hope you enjoyed reading my review of the World Pavilions. Do you have a favourite World Pavilion?

Until next week,

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