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We went on a Wednesday and did not find it that busy at all. There is no need for Express passes we think during the week - provided you stay until park closing time, which was 7pm. However, being a weekday, there was also no parades on, so depends what you are into I guess. About 5pm, the rides are only 5-10 minutes long, and we got to ride the Transformers ride 3 times this way.

Singapore is quite hot and humid as you know. Quite a few of the rides had cooling down areas outside of them and fans running whilst you wait, particularly noticeable in the Madagascar ride queue.

The Ancient Egypt area of Universal Studios was visually stunning. I  had heard that Universal Studios Singapore was very very photogenic, and I must say I think it is too!
The Statues in Ancient Egypt were huge

The Transformers ride was our favorite ride. Its a 3D ride. You board these futuristic cars and go on a journey from scene to scene and it appeared you fell off skycrapers and things- straight down 90 degrees at full speed. We went on it 3 times! Can totally recommend.

The Treasure Hunters car ride was a relaxing journey through an Egyptian Arhaeological landscape. The rides for this were surprisingly long, but got shorter throughout the day.


Far Far Away Land. Ok, its not Disneyland, but I think this is the reason people get confused that there IS a Disneyland in Singapore. They have seen this castle in Singapore! Inside hosted the 3D Shrek adventure ride. This is mostly the same ride we have seen elsewhere (Movie World, Gold Coast and Universal Studios, Los Angeles)
Far Far Away Land

The Lost World, I love Jurassic Park and this park does not disappoint. I must say, I thought this area was done better then Universal Studios Los Angeles. More rides and atmosphere to explore. And the theme tune for Jurassic Park was very immersive.

Jurassic Park area is so much fun

The Madagascar Boat ride

Dino-Soarin - a fun easy ride, you can manipulate the ride to go up and down. A surprising benefit is by zooming around you create air flow/breeze that cools you down in the humid Singapore weather

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