Singapore Zoo

We got a 2 park hopper ticket for the Zoo and Jurong Bird Park which was about half the price of a normal ticket for both parks. The Park Hopper ticket allowed you to have 7 days to use the tickets from the first day nominated. Klook online tickets on the other hand, you have to nominate specific dates. We got the tram included in the Park Hopper, which I would recommend. However, I noticed, whilst staff checked tram tickets at the beginning of the day, they didn’t towards the end of the day, so you could possibly get on for free when tired at the end of the day. I don’t see how they could have remembered us!  

We loved the zoo, and its my favourite zoo in the world. Mainly because you were up so close with the animals, but also because it was so green and lush with plant life. I have never been to a zoo before where Orangutans are above you in the trees. These Orangutans were 8 years old and were allowed to run free in the park. There was some electric devices though that kept them within the zoo perimeter. We also saw Lemurs, Tamarins and other monkeys 'wild' in the park.

Breakfast with the Orangutans is widely advertised. However, there are set times on the official Zoo website where there are keeper talks and you also have the opportunity to have photos with these animals up close! So you don't need to pay extra for photos!

We ate Indian at Ah Meng Restaurant and it cost about Singapore $15 for a platter which was very filling. The meal was very good value.

We caught a Taxi to and from the zoo from central Singapore. It cost us Singapore $20 both ways. At the end of the day, the lines for taxi’s were quite large, but we probably waited about 20 minutes for a taxi which was fantastic considering the number of people and it had just started to rain on us. The line was managed by zoo staff and was very orderly.
Singapore Zoo Monkey

Singapore Zoo Fruit Bat
This Fruit bat was also in the same open aviary as the Toucan. Feeding on the same fruit pieces

Singapore Zoo Komodo Dragon
I love Komodo Dragons. Singapore zoo had two. One adult and one baby. Apparently Komodo dragons are not kept together as they do attack one another. There was a mini museum on display about them at Singapore zoo.

Singapore Zoo Lemur
Yes, this is how close we actually were. There were signs not to touch the animals as they do bite! This Lemur seemed so friendly and fluffy though

Singapore Zoo Lemur

Singapore Zoo Lemur

Singapore Zoo Orangutan Mother with baby
After spending some time with these cute Orangutan's, I do have a new found appreciation of them.

Singapore Zoo Orangutan Mother with baby

Singapore Zoo Orangutan Mother with baby

Singapore Zoo Orangutans in Trees
Orangutans in the tress above as you walk around the zoo. Middle right hand side of photo.

Singapore Zoo Toucan
 I just love Toucans! This one was so very friendly. Their beak looks so out of proportion to the rest of its body.

Singapore Zoo Toucan

What makes Singapore Zoo so great? Well it was so lush and green and the animals were truly  up close. I've never been to a zoo where the Orangutans were just above our heads and not really 'in a cage'. I really do recommend!!

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