Californian Adventure Park

Disney California Adventure Park (CAP) – Is definitely worth going to. Do a ‘Park Hopper’ with Disneyland so can go to both parks on the third day. Something you won’t necessarily read about, Redwood Park inside CAP is rather nice (you know the mega huge trees, this is a great big park with lots of nature walks, and rope bridges and things for kids and adults to climb). 

Redwood Park: The Rope Bridges are on the second story!

Also the Grizzly River Run (above, a big tyre boat ride), has one large drop (maybe 2 metres) which looks scary looking at it, however – you don’t really feel the drop or even see it when you are on the ride itself (!) and the ride is good fun. 

Do the Radiator Springs Ride (Cars Ride) fast pass early or single ride – this ride is very popular and fast passes sell out midday. The Cars ride goes superfast and is worth going to! We missed out on the fast passes (they disappear by midday), but we only waited 20 minutes in the single riders line so we rode that a few times that way. 

The Cars ride

I am sitting in the back seat, far left! Hiding!

This is where 'World of Colour is held'. The little jets in the water spray water and fire into the air

'World of Colour' at night

Someone recommended the Aladdin show to us too, which was really good and worth seeing. The flying carpets go over the audiences head and there is even an elephant that walks through (extremely large). Also, don’t miss Toy Story Mania! Fun Plus! We all loved that ride and DH rated it a 6/5! We went on it twice…In Tokyo its extremely hard to get on this ride all day! 

Before our trip to Disneyland, my daughter was saying how much she wanted to see 'Snow' in Disneyland. And I had read that there was no snow in Disneyland, not in any guidebooks. When we actually got there - to California Adventure Park - we were amazed to find out there was an entire area devoted to Frozen. We went tobogganing. It was so much fun! I do believe this is a seasonal thing though so might not be happening all year round. Check the Disney website for more details.

The Frozen Sing Along show was great fun! It didn't matter if you don't know the words, there are subtitles

Yes, A.J got to make a snowman afterall!

Me, Tobogganing inside California Adventure Park

Other wonderful rides in California Adventure Park include Toy Story Mania (this often breaks down) and has very long lines. It is worth going on. This was one of our favourite family rides. You get 3D glasses to wear and your job is to shoot at 3D targets. You get a score in the end, which makes it very competitive to play. You also get encouragement (and commentary) from 3D Toy Story characters during the ride. We rode this multiple times. If it is broken down, try again another time.

Mr Potato Head entertains you whilst you wait in line for Toy Story Mania. He is kind of interactive and tells jokes!

Other rides that are popular is Arial's Under Sea Adventure and Monsters Inc Ride. The Arial Ride line is very quick moving and easy to get on. Its a dark ride that goes through the story of Arial. The Monsters Inc ride is not as interactive as the ride in Tokyo Disneyland, but is still good fun.

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