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This week we have a review of Walt Disney World from an Annual Passholder (AP). Her name is Danaize and you can follow her on Instagram @DainaizeSH. Her responses to my questions are below:
What made you get a Disney Annual Pass?
I got my annual pass because I live a few hours from the park, and I always had an annual pass growing up. My family has annual passes so we always go together.

How many times a year would you think you go to a Disney Park
I go to the park about once a month, at least I try to. I usually have some free times on the weekends, so I go whenever I get the chance.

What are the best bargain places to eat in each of the parks?
Some of the best places to eat in the park, if you're looking to dine in the theme parks, are these for each park:
1. Tony's Town Square Restaurant in Magic Kingdom
2. Sci-Fi Drive In Theatre Restaurant in Hollywood Studios
3. Rainforest Cafe in Animal Kingdom
4. In Epcot, it's best to do the stands rather than the restaurants. I always enjoy the fish and chips stand in Great Britain (I believe that's the area)
You can also just bring food into the park, we always bring some in.

In WDW, I have heard the water is not great to drink. What do you recommend to do there? Refill in WDW fountains? Buy spring water?
The water in the park is safe, I never had an issue drinking the water there. Rather than refilling from the water fountain, you can go to any area that serves food/drinks and ask them for a cup of water with ice with no charge.

What is your strategy around the parks? Do you have favourites that you do first? Fastpasses - what do you do? I think as an Annual Pass Holder its 30 days beforehand?
I always create Fastpasses 30 days in advanced before going to the park. It's not only available for passholders. If you already have your park tickets 30 days before your visit to the park, you can book your Fastpasses. The moment I get to the park, I always do the Fastpasses first, and as I wait to enter the timeframe for the next Fastpasses, I get on the rides with the shortest rides. For kids, usually the best rides would be It's A Small World, Peter Pan, The Little Mermaid, Dumbo, etc., (These are all in Magic Kingdom). The Haunted Mansion is a dark/ghost themed ride, and most kids don't enjoy it. The other parks are more roller coasters, basically rides not meant for kids. If you go with kids to the park, always make Fastpasses for the kid-friendly rides because those stand-bys get LONG. 

With Animal Kingdom, I don't really go much, it's one of my least favourite parks. I don't like Avatar so I haven't visited or gotten on any of those rides. I mentioned above one of the best restaurants to eat at in the park. If you're just looking for a snack, they have a lot of great snack booths to munch on, and there's also a Starbucks.

What are your favourite WDW park? rides?
My favourite has always been Magic Kingdom because it always bring my fantasies to life. Every time I go, I just feel like a kid all over again. It's such a magical experience and it's always different.
Do you visit Disney Springs? Any tips for good places to go/eat/do?
I ALWAYS go to Disney Spring because I love shopping, and passholders get 10-20% discounts at those shops. Best places to eat there is at T-Rex, Planet Hollywood, and Bongos. If you're looking to eat with a budget, The Daily Pouttine is great!

At Epcot – What is your favourite World Pavilion and why?
Epcot is more known for the World Pavilion and festivals that go on there, there's really only 3 good rides which are Frozen, Test Track, and Finding Nemo. My favourite pavilion is Japan and France just because of the architecture and great food.

Any tips for a trip to the Water Parks?
I do not visit the water parks, but from my past experience Typhoon Lagoon is the best one. Whichever one you go to, best time to go is during the May-September time, after that the parks are usually closed for maintenance and weather.

Are you looking forward to seeing what Disney will do with the Star Wars themed lands to be completed in 2019?
I am very excited for the Star Wars land. I am a huge fan of Star Wars, so I can't wait to see what's in store.

I am also looking forward to a visit to Hollywood Studios around the August-December time of 2018, just because Toy Story Land will be opening up. The crowds will be crazy, but it's worth it.

Thanks to Danaize for her review and strategy to get around Walt Disney World. You can follow her on Instagram: @DanaizeSH

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