Toy Story Land Disneyland Hong Kong - A review

This week I thought I would write about Toy Story Land, Disneyland Hong Kong. With  Toy Story Land, Hollywood Studios scheduled to open in Summer 2018, it might be nice to see what the Hong Kong version is like. To be honest, this was my least favourite area of Disneyland Hong Kong. All of the rides seemed (to me), more like mid-way fair rides (something you would see in a showground). I guess, with the theme being toys, they were a little too simplified - however - Kids love it- and there are many good Photo opportunities with the enormous toys. From what I have seen from the new Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios, the toys will be definitely for the bigger kids.

Barrel of Fun - Is where you can regularly meet all your favourite Toy story characters and there are some fun photo opportunities with oversized toys.

RC Racer: You need to be a height of  120 cm (48in) or taller. You walk through a slot-car track walkway and enter the toy garage pit stop, where you board a 20 person vehicle. This ride accelerates forward and backward - up and down - on a towering  U-shaped racetrack. Its a bit like the 'Pirate Ship' ride in Australia.

Filmed by Robb Alvey -

Slinky Dog Spin
A ride for all ages, with only very small drops and spinning, 
Andy, the character in the Toy Story films toy dog was called Slinky Dog and this is the Slinky Dog spin ride, where the dog chases its own tail. You receive a “Barking Pass”to board the ride.

My daughter A.J (who was 9 at the time) loved this Slinky Dog ride, and we actually went on this ride many times. Including in the rain! I thought the ride was kind of below average though - the ride goes around in circles. There are no surprises or extra theming. It looks like in Hollywood Studios - this ride might be more of a true coaster ride.

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Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

To ride this ride you need a height of 81 cm (32in). There are some bigger drops, but nothing you wouldn't probably find in a fair ground ride. You board a 6-person parachute vehicle that takes you to the top of a 25-meter-tall parachute tower. At the top, you can see great views of Toy Story Land—and glimpse nearby Mystic Manor and Grizzly Gulch—before suddenly dropping to the ground and then back up again.

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This was my least favourite land in Disneyland Hong Kong, but there were other more enjoyable lands in Hong Kong Disneyland to explore (Mystic Manor and Tomorrowland for example). My daughter who was 9 at the time, loved this land, so this one is for the kids!

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Liz Powley said…
Does this fall into the category of 'the things we do for our kids'? :D Parenthood certainly expands what we choose to experience because we will go to the ends of the Earth for our children. In this case, it sounds like you weren't in the target audience, but AJ was :D

I'm glad she had fun and thanks for sharing so other parents know this is a great place to go for the age range.

Best wishes,
Kj said…
Thanks for your comments Liz. Yes Hong Kong Disneyland ToyStoryland is great for kids. You may not know that Hong Kong Disneyland is the smallest in size Disneyland in the world. It was constructed quickly, on the back of EuroDisneys (now Disneyland Paris) financial losses. So Hong Kongs version had less rides. What they do have though is more elaborate rides then the other, bigger parks- so some rides are better here then elsewhere. It is also very lush with greenery. Hong Kong Disneyland made a profit a few years back and I've read recently Disney is pumping lots of money into this park. The castle is being totally remodelled(bigger), new rides are being introduced all the time AND they are building a Frozen land with Frozen rides that look really fun (google). We are thinking of going back in 2020 it sounds so good!
Thanks for reading

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