Favourite Disney Rides - Gondola boat ride and Sinbads Storybook adventure

Only Disney could put a Volcano on a Venetian cruise

Continuing on with the theme of favourite rides, and I stress, these are in no particular order (as they are all favourites), I thought this week I would talk about the Gondola ride and Sinbads Storybook adventure which are both rides located at DisneySea, Tokyo. DisneySea is such an immersive theme park, and has the reputation as being one of the best, if not the best theme park in the world. Many of the rides in DisneySea are unique in the world of Disney Parks. If you have been to DisneySea - a trip down memory lane awaits you below. Feel free to agree/disagree in comments. 

Ride: Venetian gondolas
Location: DisneySea, Tokyo

I have always wanted to ride on a Gondola in Venice, but the Venetian Gondolas ride in DisneySea is truly the next best thing. The  scenery around the gondola’s look like they have been plucked out of Italy. The line itself didn’t look that long, but it seemed to take ages. I think this ride has a slow loading time and was very popular. The gondola heads out along canals to the Mediterranean Harbor of Disney Sea. It is all very Italian in feel, quite scenic, and quite romantic particularly when we went at sunset. However, you are sitting with 15 other guests. Once out in the Mediterranean harbour you can see the volcano Mount Prometheus, which often erupts and makes you think the place is ‘alive geothermally’. It’s a bit strange seeing a volcano in the middle of a gondola trip, however it truly is a unique and awesome sight, especially when the volcano erupts, so all is forgiven for not being quite what you expect in Italy.  On the return journey, back to ‘Venice’ the gondoliers sing as your gondola goes under bridges and more canals. Please check times for when the Gondola’s are running as they finish before park closing time and they do not operate when shows are being set up and performed in Mediterranean Harbour.

And the Gondolier's sing too!

Is this Italy?

Ride: Sinbads Storybook voyage
Location: DisneySea, Tokyo

Sinbad's Storybook Voyage is a 11 minute dark ride at Tokyo DisneySea. This attraction is located in the Arabian Coast (which is my favourite area within DisneySea). This ride is very similar I thought to ‘It’s a Small World’ ride, as you travel through the storybook of Sinbad, through all his adventures on a small boat. It is a good idea to read up on Sinbad before you go on this ride as the ride is in Japanese, but with the visuals, you know what is going on. The boat travels from Sinbards hometown with his tiger ‘Chandu’, encountering pirates, mermaids, Roc birds, whales which are all brought to life in over 150 audio animatronics. This ride improves over multiple sittings, so I’m told, but we only rode it once. Interestingly, I got told off by a Cast Member for taking photos boarding the ride. No idea why. The ride is very photogenic and would have loved to have taken more photos.

The loading zone where I was told off by a Cast Member for taking photos at!

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog, feel free to comment on these rides.

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Until next week, have a magical week folks,



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