Favourite Disney Rides - Tom Sawyer Island and Peter Pan

Me on a rope bridge on Tom Sawyer Island, Tokyo Disneyland

Continuing on with the theme of favourite rides, and I stress, these are in no particular order (as they are all favourites), I thought this week I would talk about Tom Sawyer Island and Peter Pan. If you have been on either of these rides/attractions, a trip down memory lane awaits you below. Feel free to agree/disagree in comments. 

Attraction: Tom Sawyer Island
Location: Anaheim and Tokyo Disneyland 

Tom Sawyer Island is so much fun. Before I went to Anaheim in 2015, I had read about the island in guidebooks, but I really had no idea until I got there how much pure fun it was. If you have read the Tom Sawyer /Huckleberry Finn books, the details are amazing. Firstly, you travel to the island by raft (of course) and this is the only way to get on/off the island. You can get a free map when you are in Tokyo, detailing what to find on the island, but there is everything from Injun Jones caves with pirates treasures, other caves to get lost in (yes, we lost DH in some caves), a Fort St Clemens (where the officers in charge are sleeping) and an Indian settlement with teepees to explore.

I believe that Tom Sawyer Island in Anaheim, 2017 has more of a 'Pirate' theme now then  in 2015 Regardless, the island has lots of treasures to explore, in more ways then one.

My daughter A.J did get frightened in the Tokyo Disneyland Injun Joe caves. They were a bit scary for her. Very dark narrow pathways (that led to some interesting pirate finds), but scary for little kids who don't know whats next or where these narrow caves will lead. The caves are also one way too, so you can't really 'go back'.

One of the advantages of Tom Sawyer island is that there are no lines to get there. Also, if you don't like crowds, its a good quiet escape from the craziness of Disneyland and getting back to nature. We could have easily spent a whole afternoon running amok in the caves and rope bridges.

Hong Kong Disneyland has Tarzans island instead of Tom Sawyers island. There is no pirate theming or caves to explore. There is a gigantic treehouse and rope bridges however. And you journey over to the island by raft which is the same as the other parks.

A view of Tom Sawyer Island, Tokyo Disneyland

The Raft that you have to go on, to get to Tom Sawyer Island, Anaheim (but this is the same as in Tokyo)

Tokyo Disneyland caves to explore

Teepee's to explore (Tokyo Disneyland)

Tom Sawyer's Treehouse (Tokyo Disneyland)

Fort Sam Clemens to explore

Peter Pan's Flight
Location: Disneyland Anaheim and Tokyo.

The Peter Pan ride was closed due to maintenance when we visited Anaheim in 2015. But we did get to ride this ride 3 times in Tokyo and it was a lot of fun! You board flying ‘boats’ and sail through the skies of London, past pirate ships and other scenery from the story book. The starry night scene too is really nice to absorb. We all enjoyed this ride. The ride only goes for a few minutes, and the lines are quite long, but worth it. There is no Fast Pass for this ride in Anaheim or Tokyo. We waited in line during a parade. The line was between 20-30 mins.

A.J loved this ride as she said she felt like she was flying over London. She also liked seeing Tinkerbell at the beginning.

Hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog, feel free to comment on these rides.

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