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Continuing on with the theme of favourite rides, and I stress, these are in no particular order (as they are all favourites), I thought this week I would talk about Mystic Manor, which is a ride located only in Hong Kong Disneyland. If you have been to Hong Kong Disneyland - a trip down memory lane awaits you below. Feel free to agree/disagree in comments.

Mystic Manor

Location: (Hong Kong Disneyland only)

This is Hong Kong’s version of Haunted Mansion, but instead of ghosts and ghouls, it is magical beings and where everything in each room comes alive. It’s a dark ride, on a trackless people mover and is a really nice ride. It revolves around the story of Lord Henry Mystic and his cheeky monkey, Albert. Albert opens an enchanted music box which literally brings everything inside the manor to life!

There is an elaborate pre-show area where the audience hears more about Lord Henry Mystic and Albert, and there are a few surprises in this room. The pre-ride area kind of reminded me of the Shrek 4D pre-ride experience at Universal. Dark rooms, props to look at, and with a bit of narration around the background story.

I had read many reviews on Trip Advisor about how crowded Hong Kong Disneyland park was before 2016. Review after review told of horror lines and not enough rides to cater for the crowds. However, when we finally went to Hong Kong Disneyland in April 2016, we found the park to be uncrowded and rode on many rides many times. I suspect this was due to the imminent opening of Shanghai Disneyland in June 2016. This ride was our first at Hong Kong Disneyland and did not disappoint. It is at one of the furthest areas away from the main entrance, and we headed straight for this ride. The ride was just opening for the day when we got there (about 11am) and we were actually the first in line for the day. We ended up riding it three times.

This ride was A.J's favourite at Hong Kong Disneyland, and we all enjoyed it. It really is a magical ride as you glide along in these high technology people movers (similar technology to the ones at Winnie the Pooh ride in Tokyo) from room to room. Each room 'comes to life'. It is very colourful and a nice ride for all the family.

The area surrounding Mystic Manor has many optical illusions which are fun to look at and discover.

One of the many optical illusions surrounding Mystic Manor

This statue also had different optical illusions to view from different sides

Mystic Manor Pin. It's supposed to glow in the dark - but it doesn't!
At Easter time, these Egg's appear in the park. This one is of Albert, the monkey

Lord Henry Mystic and Albert picture frame 

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Hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog, feel free to comment on Mystic Manor.

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