Disneyland Ride Posters in Tokyo Disneyland

On our trip to Tokyo Disneyland in 2016, we stumbled across these Disneyland ride posters and they seemed like a lot of fun to capture in photos. I do apologise about the flash appearing in the photos, but this was because the original photos were behind a glass picture frame. I didn't want to doctor the photos in any way, this is what we saw.

I love the colours and the fun descriptions of the rides. We actually asked Tokyo Disneyland whether they had printouts of these posters, but they replied no they didn't. I think they would make a great souvenir. I took the photos, often next to startled guests whom were most surprised I was taking these photos at all and seemed quite oblivious to them!

I love the colours in this poster and the hint (Stich) that its more then just the singing birds

Hmm, I am not sure we actually saw a tiger on the Tokyo jungle cruise! Or any jungle cruise in any Disneyland park ever!

All the horses are white and all are in different poses. During the 1970's in Anaheim Disneyland it was determined that the white was by far the most popular horse colour that children chose to ride, so they made all the horses white in Tokyo Disneyland.

The Haunted Mansion ride - home to 999 ghosts, goblins and ghouls. Guests ride in Doom buggies on a tour of the haunted mansion

The Mark Twain Riverboat is hugely popular in Tokyo Disneyland. The best view of the scenery is on the left hand side, top deck. The cruise is quite relaxing as you pass wild animals and an Indian tribe touring through 'America'. Alot of the time in Tokyo Disneyland (and DisneySea), I was rather confused on what country I was actually in as it was so convincing!

Mickey's PhilharMagic is a 4D show put on by Mickey and Friends. Of course, it all doesn't run to plan....
Snow Whites Adventures is similar to the Anaheim ride, but the title for the Anaheim one is 'Snow Whites Scary Adventures'. In Tokyo, the 'Scary' was dropped. The ride is designed to be taken from Snow Whites perspective and Snow White hardly appears!

Hoping you found the Posters interesting.

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