Disney character meetings and Autograph books

Who doesn't like Character meet and Greets?

When we first told friends we were going on our first trip to Disneyland, with a 7 year old, people strongly suggested buying an autograph book for Disney characters to sign. I thought really? Do the characters actually sign? Do people actually do this? Are there really lines to do this? And I bet the books are mega expensive to buy!

Fast forward to when we arrived in Disneyland Anaheim, and found that wow, people do stand in line to meet and greet their favourite characters, but also get their autographs! We of course hadn't pre-bought an autograph book, and all I had was my Disney notebook (with all my hints and tips for getting around the park I had collected over the previous 12 months of planning). My note book had blank pages, so we used this until we purchased an official Autograph book. As you can see, we quickly filled up the book! We ended up purchasing a book outside in Downtown Disney and sticking the autographs in when we got back home.

There are quite of number of characters to see in the park, and some are 'rarer' then others such as Daisy duck.

I don't recall seeing so many character meet and greets with autographs at the Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disney parks. I guess its not as big there? The Disney characters are like celebrities in the parks though and seemed to get mobbed. As we largely covered autographs in Anaheim, we did not attempt to redo this in the other parks. It would be fun though to get Winnie the Pooh's signature in Japanese or Cantonese though!

A few things to remember, bring some blank paper (not necessarily an official autograph book) and a large sized pen (easier for the characters to hold). Some people get bags and other items signed instead of books. There are queues, and often the characters only hang around for as little as 10 minutes at a time, so if you see a character, line up quickly.

Enjoy the photos, until next week, have a magical week,

I wonder if they do courses in autograph signings for these characters? It looks quite tricky to do!

Poor Chip? or is it Dale, getting almost bowled over by an overenthusiastic fan

Belle signing...

Belle's signature

We were really excited to see Donald. We found him in California Adventure Park. Apparently Daisy Duck is the elusive meet and greet character.

Goofy was just goofy!

We met Olaf in 'Olaf's fest' in California Adventure Park
Tigger signs

With those hands, Eeyore could still do signatures! I wonder if the cast members have specific training for this?

Eeyore's signature

It might have all started with a mouse,but in fact, it really started with a rabbit. This is Oswald, Walt Disney's first successful creation in animation, we found him in California Adventure Park

We had to get Mickey's signature!
We met Minnie before we started the autograph book signing. We then spent several days chasing Minnie Mouse's autograph before we left Anaheim for good, so it was a bit rushed in the end, but we found her. Apparently, Mickey and Minnie appear by the Entrance/Exit gates last thing at night before closing!

And Yes, Woody could sign autograph books!

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