My top 4 Singapore theme parks to explore and why

Singapore Supertree Show at Night is simply amazing

Singapore is so green, clean and beautiful. It is a wonderful place to take kids as there are heaps of things to do. Just make sure wherever you stay you have a decent pool at the hotel waiting for you as it does get very hot and humid in Singapore.

I’ve listed my top 4 favourite things to do, but there were many more things to do in Singapore.

Day or Night, these Supertrees are simply amazing and totally unique in the world. They are quite unearthly and the free night show is simply out of this world. Something of a cross between ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ and ‘War of the Worlds’ in regards to other worldliness. The Supertrees dazzle with different coloured lights set to orchestral music during the night show, with some familiar musical themes. Make sure you set this as your first priority on any holiday as the show is cancelled during inclement weather and is so unique in the world, it should not be missed. There are 2 shows per night.  

Watch my Utube Link for the Singapore Night show (21 seconds)

Also the 2 biodomes (Flower biodome and Cloud forest) are worth a look – and the biodomes are air-conditioned also so are a good escape from the heat. Cloud forest is very unusual and has the largest man made indoor waterfall in the world. And yes, you get to climb to the top of the waterfall! You can also get a different view of the Supertrees from the top of Cloud Forest too.


2. Singapore Zoo – Singapore zoo would have to be my favourite zoo anywhere in the world. I think this is because you are literally so up close with the animals and this is very special. Seeing the Orangutans up close has given me a new found interest in them and their welfare. At other zoos, I’ve only seen these animals inside enclosures, far far away from view.  We were up close with Toucans, Lemurs, Orangutans, Fruit bats, Tamarins and other monkeys. At times I think us humans were more in danger then we were to the animals as we were so close. And there were definitely signs around the zoo that the animals do bite, but I did see some people touch the animals nonetheless. The Lemurs indeed looked very fluffy, but they are still wild animals. There are no real bars on any of the animal enclosures at Singapore Zoo, the barriers are all done with moats and glass or other natural barriers. The zoo is also so incredibly lush with plant life too. Keepers on the ground would keep an eye on the Orangutans above you in the trees. The Orangutans that were wild in the park were apparently only 8 years old, but they had a good run of the zoo. Once again, unsure if the keepers were there to protect us or the animals! Ok, this could not beat a natural experience in the wild, but this was very close!

Up close with Lemurs at Singapore Zoo

3. UniversalStudios – This had some amazing rides for young and old and you could tell these rides are the most technology advanced in the world at the moment (I’m referring to the Transformers 3D ride here– simply amazing). We have a theory in our family that all theme park rides are heading this way – more popular 3D virtual reality experiences and less actual roller coasters. But these 3D rides are becoming more and more immersive, you forget that you are actually just in a ride, in a car or a 3D theatre. The Transformers ride you fell down 90 degrees from a skyscraper etc and your eyes are tricked in believing it to be so. Other fun rides were the Madagascar ride and rides in Jurassic World. The Dino-Soarin ride was very cooling in the Singapore heat!

The Transformers Ride
4. SEA Aquarium – Just an amazing set up and calming place. I have seen other Aquariums around the world, but I did particularly like this one. The Open Ocean exhibit is 35 long and 8 meters high. All set to some soothing music. It is also away from the outside weather elements, so a good place to visit on a hot or thunderstorm prone day in Singapore.

SEA Aqurium

I hope you enjoyed my favourite Singapore parks. We also attended Jurong Bird Park and Adventure Cover water park. These will be updated on separate pages in the near future.

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