Long Plane trips with Kids - Tips and Tricks

I had read a few years ago about some research into Adults fondest memories of childhood. It wasn’t big ticket item toys that were most fondly remembered. It was actually family vacations where parents spent quality time with their kids (mostly relaxing, eating ice creams etc 'Remember the time when we all went off to Disneyland'. Time together as a family, building family stories together was top of the list. We use this simple fact as justification for our trips to Disneylands around the world. 

Travel to any Disneyland in the world, from Australia, involves a lengthy plane trip, and its the same for many of my overseas readers whom wish to experience more than one theme park in the world. Talking to lots of Mums and Dads, there are quite a lot of issues travelling with kids on these long haul flights. Things I have learned along the way,  which you might find useful in planning your next trip:
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