Singapore Zoo

Dear Readers, this week I thought I would talk about Singapore Zoo. This was on my bucket list zoo to visit since I was a kid.

We caught a Taxi to and from the zoo from central Singapore. It cost us Singapore $20 both ways. At the end of the day, the lines for taxi’s were quite large, but we probably waited about 20 minutes for a taxi. The line was managed by zoo staff and was extremelywell organised for the large crowds.

We got a 2 park hopper ticket for the Zoo and Jurong Bird Park which was about half the price of a normal ticket for both parks. The Park Hopper ticket allowed you to have 7 days to use the tickets from the first day nominated. Alternatively you can purchase tickets online via Klook. The disadvantage with this is you have tonominate specific dates. We got the tram included in the Park Hopper ticket, which I would recommend as there is alot of walking in the humidity/heat otherwise. However, I noticed, whilst staff checked tram tickets at the beginning of the day, t…

Univeral Studios Osaka - All your Questions answered

This week we have a review of Universal Studios Osaka from a reader S.K who in in her early 20's and has been to Universal Studios Osaka many times as an Annual Pass holder for 10 years. She has also regularly visited Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea. Her responses are below:
Do you have a strategy to see everything in the park? Do you race to the Harry Potter rides first thing or do you do something different?? Yes, We have a routine on this. We go to park before it opens and run to Harry Potter when the gate is open. Normally you can ride on Harry Potter and Forbidden Journey with 30 minutes of waiting time or less. And normally we go to Harry Potter again directly after the first ride since we can re-ride again within about 45 minutes. We never go to Harry Potter later in the daytime since you normally have to wait for 2 - 3 hours.After that we enjoy walking the "village" of Harry Potter world and go to the other rides.

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